My Story

Hi, I'm Michelle aka sea.lestial.shel ~ I'm a native Southern California girl and the beach is my happy place. I love to create things and have always been doing some form of art since I was a young girl. Painting, photography, planning, sewing, cupcake decorating, and everything in between!

Growing up I spent a lot of time with my Grandma. She taught me so many things ... how to bake, cook, crochet, and how to sew on a Singer sewing machine from the 1950's. Being the oldest of nine grandchildren, my Grandma and I shared a very special bond. When she passed in 2019, I felt lost and alone. How was I ever going to live without her? I soon found out that I wasn't alone. My Grandma was showing up all around me, she was and is still with me!

I followed my heart and listened to my Grandma ... I listened to the sea and gazed at the stars. I knew that I wanted to create things for others. Cloths to decorate with, bags to hold things, creations to add a  smile to your day. When I sew I am at peace and my Grandma is right here beside me ... and that's how Sea.lestial.shel was born.

I hope that my Sea.lestial.shel Creations will add a little something special and magical to your day!