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Coming Full Circle

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Yesterday I celebrated the 2 Year Anniversary of Sea.lestial.shel Creations and spent some time last night thinking about what lies ahead for me and my shop. Everything kept coming back to the beginning. I feel that I said it best in my newsletter, so I'm going to share a little piece of it here with you.

Over the years I have been inspired by beautiful fabrics, created a variety of products, and even challenged myself to make my own patterns and sew things I didn't think I could. I guess you could say that I traveled many roads, went on adventures across the seas, and discovered that in the end my journey had brought me back home. A two year journey to come full circle and back to my roots - Back to where it all started.

Sea.lestial.shel Creations started with a cloth. Two pieces of fabric stitched together with intention. The intention of creating something magical, something like what I share with my Grandma when I sew.

I'd like to share with you why cloths mean so much to me and why I've decided to go back to the beginning.

A cloth is not simply two pieces of fabric, it is something that you use with magical intention. You are using it to do a reading. You are using it with a spell. It is part of your altar. It is part of your magic. It is part of you.

A deck wrap, a snap bag, a zipper bag ... these are just holders. They get put on a shelf to hold something. You don't use these items in your magical practice or as part of a reading. They are not part of a spell. You put your magical tools inside of bags and wraps, but your cloth IS a magical tool.

There is a connection I feel when sewing a cloth that I don't always feel when sewing bags and wraps. So that being said, I will be going back to my roots and placing a larger focus on cloths that can be used alongside the other items I create and sell in my shop.

You can see the current cloths available in my shop here and remember, if you want something custom, just ask me. I truly love working with my customers and creating custom cloths and have no intention of ever stopping this connection. 

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